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Baltimore Bully Crew is a grassroots, all volunteer based nonprofit organization of responsible pit bull owners and enthusiasts. Our mission is to promote responsible ownership of what used to be “The American Family Dog.”

We are actively seeking new foster homes.  Baltimore Bully Crew is able to help more dogs with more foster homes.  Please contact us if you want to open your home to a dog in need.  We supply all medical, training, crate, food, leash, collar, bowls and toys.  You simply supply a loving home for the dog until their forever home is found. 

We have identified a need for education in animal abuse and breed awareness due to the tremendous number of events of animal abuse and dog fighting in Baltimore. Dog fighting is a growing problem throughout the country largely because the laws for this need to be changed and there is no funding to police for it appropriately. Currently, the penalties for these crimes are minimal. We need reform in our laws for these crimes and changes from the people in the community, specifically the youth.

Our goals include awareness, advocacy work, fundraising and informing the public of the prejudice to this breed that the media, irresponsible owners and breeders have created upon one of the most loyal dogs a family could ever have as a member of their pack. We do what we can to help save pit bulls by donations from the community. We look to fight breed specific laws and show they do not work.

BBC works to inform the public of the truth there are not bad dogs, just bad owners! Education and awareness is a must if the bully breeds are to have half a chance of survival. Only 1 in every 600 pit bulls in shelters and rescue groups will find a home, the other 599 don’t. With staggering numbers like that, why breed? Spay and neuter your dogs right away, no excuse not to. We just try to do our part in helping the most misunderstood and abused breed. FIGHT ABUSE NOT DOGS!


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